Economics (H)

Economics (Honours)


We, at Prime Academy Delhi provide excellent coaching and tuition for students of BA Economics (Honours) for all semesters. We have a team of expert and dedicated faculties who have developed extensive study materials to help our students in their preparations for various papers of Economics (Honours).

We Provide :

  1. Face to Face Offline Coaching at Hudson Lane, near North Campus DU
  2. Recorded Video Lectures for all the subjects and all semesters for BA Economics (Hons)
  3. Extensive Study Material  for all the subjects and all semesters for BA Economics (Hons)


Class Schedule for Offline Class



Recorded Video Lectures are also available for all subjects of Economics (H)

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Schedule of Video Lectures
Semester Subjects Video Lectures Duration Fee Package Fee

 MME - I

 Introductory Micro Economics


 Rs. 5000

 Rs. 5000

 Both Papers 8000


 Introductory Macro Economics

 45 Hours

 30 Hours

 Rs. 5000

 Rs. 5000

 Both Papers 9000

 Intermediate Micro Eco - I

 Intermediate Macro Eco - I

 Statistical Methods

 Financial Economics

 GE (Business Stats)

 55 Hours

 45 Hours

 50 Hours

 20 Hours

 50 Hours


 Intermediate Micro Eco - II

 Intermediate Macro Eco - II

 Introductory Econometrics

 50 Hours

 40 Hours

 50 Hours

 Rs. 5000

 Rs. 5000

 Rs. 5000

All Three Rs. 13500

Any Two Rs.9000


 Development Economics - I

 Public Economics

 International Economics

 Applied Econometrics


 Development Economics - II

 Financial Economics

 Money and Financial Markets


 Rs. 5500

 Rs. 5500

 Rs. 5500

All Three Rs. 15000

Any two Rs. 10000


The study of economics provides a good opportunity to gain an edge in today’s rapidly globalizing world. Well trained economists are in huge demand across industries, not only at domestic level but also at international level. In the recent years there have been great rise in the demand for economic analysts as they are well equipped and trained to effectively handle the increasing complexities of a rapidly globalising and competitive society, because the students of economics are provided with deep insights into how an economy functions at the macro-level and how the markets operate at the micro level.

BA (Honours) in Economics is one of the most sought after courses offered by the University of Delhi. It is the finest undergraduate course in the discipline available in India. It is one of the favourite courses in Delhi University. The coverage and levels of academic sophistication are at par with undergraduate courses in Economics being taught anywhere in the world. BA (Honours) in Economics from the University of Delhi is a 3 years course and each year is divided into two semesters. 


Syllabus of BA Economics (H)