Linear Algebra GE Sem 2

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The Linear Algebrs Course for GE Semester II, Delhi University has been taught by Mr. Dheeraj Suri. The Video Lectures are based upon the books prescribed by the University of Delhi. The Duration of Video Lectures is approximately 45 Hours.
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The Question Paper of 75 Marks 



Course Content


Chapter 1 : Vectors

1.1 Vectors

1.2 Length of a Vector

1.3 Dot Product of Vectors

1.4 Application of Dot Products (Projection Vectors)


Chapter 2 : Matrices & Determinants

2.1 Matrices

2.2 Determinants

2.3 Adjoint & Inverse of a Matrix

2.4 Row Equivalence

2.5 Rank of a matrix

2.6 Linear Combination of Vectors


Chapter 3 : System of Linear Equations

3.1 Gaussian Elimination Method

3.2 Gauss Jordan Method

3.3 Homogeneous Linear Equations

3.4 Linear Combination of Vectors


Chapter 4 : Eigenvalues

4.1 Eigenvalues

4.2 Diagonalization


Chapter 5 : Vector Spaces

5.1 Vector Spaces

5.2 Subspaces

5.3 Span of a Set

5.4 Linear Independence

5.5 Basis & Dimension for a Vector Space

5.6 Coordinates of a Vector

5.7 The Transition Matrix


Chapter 6 : Linear Transformation