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The Business Mathematics Course for B Com (H) Semester IV, Delhi University has been taught by Mr. Dheeraj Suri. The Video Lectures are based upon the books prescribed by the University of Delhi. The Duration of Video Lectures is approximately 50 Hours.
Course fee is Rs. 5500
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Demo Lecture

LPP Graphical Method


The Question Paper is of 75 Marks 



Course Content



Chapter 1 : LPP

1.1 LPP Introduction

1.2 LPP Formulation

1.3 LPP Formulation

1.4 LPP Graphical Method

1.5 Simplex Method

1.6 Simplex Method

1.7 Simplex Method

1.8 Duality & Shadow Price


Chapter 2 : Applications of Matrices & Determinants

2.1 Matrices Introduction

2.2 Solutions of Equations

2.3 Solutions of Equations Applications

2.4 Leontief Input Output Model

2.5 Leontief Input Output Model


Chapter 3 : Limits & Continuity

3.1 Limits

3.2 Limits

3.3 Continuity


Chapter 4 : Simple Differentiation

4.1 Simple Differentiation

4.2 Simple Differentiation

4.3 Simple Differentiation


Chapter 5 : Applications of Derivatives

5.1 Rate of Change

5.2 Monotonic Functions

5.3 Curvature

5.4 Maxima and Minima

5.5 Equilibrium Point

5.6 Cost & Revenue Functions

5.7 Elasticity of Demand

5.8 Cost Minimisation

5.9 Profit Maximisation

5.10 Tax and Subsidy

5.11 Economic Order Quantity

5.12 Inventory Control


Chapter 6 : Partial Differentiation

6.1 Partial Derivatives

6.2 Homogeneous Functions

6.3 Second Order Partial Derivatives

6.4 Total Differential


Chapter 7 : Applications of Partial Derivatives

7.1 Demand Analysis

7.2 Production Function

7.3 Production Function

7.4 Isoquants

7.5 Elasticity of Substitution

7.6 Maxima and Minima

7.7 Maxima and Minima Applications

7.8 Lagrange Multipliers


Chapter 8 : Integration

8.1 Integration

8.3 Techniques of Integration

8.3 Definite Integration

8.4 Applications of Integration

8.5 Consumer and Producer Surplus

8.6 Rate of Sales

8.7 The Learning Curve

8.8 Investment and Capital Formation


Chapter 9 : Mathematics of Finance

9.1 Simple Interest

9.2 Compound Interest

9.3 Compound Interest

9.4 Effective Rate of Interest

9.5 Present Value

9.6 Equation of Value

9.7 Discount

9.8 Depreciation

9.9 Annuity

9.10 Annuity

9.11 Annuity

9.12 Amortization

9.13 Bonds



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