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The Introductory Econometrics Course for BA (Hons) Economics, Semester IV Delhi University has been taught by Mr. Dheeraj Suri. The Video Lectures are based upon the books prescribed by the University of Delhi. The Duration of Video Lectures is approximately 50 Hours.
Course fee is Rs. 5500
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The Question Paper will be of 75 Marks

The Question Paper will have 7 questions of 15 Marks each.

Students will be required to answer any 5 Questions out of those 7 Questions


Course Content


Chapter 1 : Introduction  [Based Upon gujrati Chapter 1]     [25 Minutes]

1.1 Introduction  (25 Minutes)  


Chapter 2 : Simple Linear Regression   [Based Upon Gujrati Chapter 2 & 3]     [614 Minutes]
Chapter 3 : Multiple Linear Regression   [Based Upon Gujrati Chapter 4]   [241 Minutes]

3.1 Multiple Regression           [60 Minutes]

3.2 Multiple Regression           [13 Minutes]

3.3 Multiple Regression           [76 Minutes]

3.4 Adjusted R Square             [32 Minutes]

3.5 Multiple Regression           [60 Minutes]


Chapter 4 : Functional Forms   [Based Upon Gujrati Chapter 5]  [366 Minutes]
Chapter 5 : Dummy Variables    [Based Upon Gujrati Chapter 6]  [194 Minutes]
Chapter 6 : Model Selection   [Based Upon Gujrati Chapter 7]   [117 Minutes]
Chapter 7 : Multicollinearity   [Based Upon Gujrati Chapter 8]   [113 Minutes]
Chapter 8 : Heteroscedasticity   [Based Upon Gujrati Chapter 9]    [245 Minutes]
Chapter 9 : Autocorrelation   [Based Upon Gujrati Chapter 10]    [259 Minutes]

9.1 Autocorrelation                                            [56 Minutes] 

9.2 Autocorrelation Remedial Measures         [35 Minutes] 

9.3 Autocorrelation                                            [51 Minutes] 

9.4 Runs Test                                                     [7 Minutes] 


Previous Year Papers
Economics (H) Semester IV
2018 Question Paper
Part 1                       [76 Minutes] 
Part 2                       [51 Minutes] 
2017 Question Paper
Part 1                       [63 Minutes]  
Part 2                       [34 Minutes] 
BBE Semester IV
2018 Question Paper
Part 1                       [56 Minutes] 
Part 2                       [33 Minutes] 


Doubts 1                       [48 Minutes] 
Doubts 2                       [84 Minutes] 




Reading List

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Sample Study Material

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Previous Year Papers

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Test Paper

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