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The Intermediate Macro Economics - I Course for BA (Hons) Economics Semester III, Delhi University has been taught by Mr. Dheeraj Suri. The Video Lectures are based upon the books prescribed by the University of Delhi. The Duration of Video Lectures is approximately 50 Hours.
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Course Content


Unit 1 : The Labour Market
Chapter 1 : The Labour Market

1.1 Labour Market Introduction                         [27 Minutes]

1.2 Wage Determination                                     [60 Minutes]

1.3 Employment and Output                              [30 Minutes]

1.4 Practice Questions                                       [60 Minutes]


Unit 2 : Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply Curves
Chapter 2 : Aggregate Demand
2.1 Aggregate Demand                                         [37 Minutes]

2.2 Slope of Aggregate Demand                          [30 Minutes]

2.3 Aggregate Demand Policies                           [18 Minutes]

2.4 Aggregate Supply                                       [77 Minutes]


Chapter 3 : Interaction Between Aggregate Demand & Supply     [199 Minutes]

3.1 Aggregate Supply                                                          [82 Minutes] 

3.2 Monetary and Fiscal Policy Using AS AD                    [97 Minutes]


Unit 3 : Inflation, Unemployment and Expectations
Chapter 4 : Phillips Curve and Okun's Law     [285 Minutes]

4.1 Phillips Curve                        [116 Minutes]

4.2 Okun's Law                            [86 Minutes]

4.3 Sacrifice Ratio                       [32 Minutes]

4.4 Okun's Law Numericals        [51 Minutes]


Chapter 5 : Expectations     [295 Minutes]
5.1 Expectations Introduction                     [29 Minutes]

5.2 Expectations                                                      [115 Minutes]

5.3 Expectations                                                     [95 Minutes]

5.4 Policy Ineffectiveness Proposition       [56 Minutes]


Unit 4 : Micro Economic Foundations
Chapter 6 : Consumption     [237 Minutes]
6.1 Consumption                  [74 Minutes]
6.2 Consumption                  [43 Minutes]
6.3 Consumption                  [49 Minutes]
6.4 Consumption                  [71 Minutes]
Chapter 7 : Investment     [155 Minutes]
7.1 Investment                    [78 Minutes]
7.2 Investment                    [23 Minutes]
7.3 Investment                    [54 Minutes]
Chapter 8 : Demand for Money     [200 Minutes]
8.1 Demand for Money                            [31 Minutes]
8.2 Regressive Expectations Model      [44 Minutes]
8.3 Portfolio Balance Approach             [53 Minutes]
8.4 Transaction Demand                         [35 Minutes]
8.5 Precautionary Demand                     [37 Minutes]
Previous Year Papers

2017 Paper

2018 Paper

2019 Paper


Course Description

Course Objective

This is the second module of a three-module sequence on Macroeconomics. This course introduces students to formal modeling of the macroeconomy in terms of analytical tools. It discusses various alternative theories of output and employment determination in a closed economy in the short run as well as medium run, and the role of policy in this context.  It also introduces students to various micro-founded theories of macro behaviour, e.g., consumption and investment behaviour of households and the demand for money generated in the household sector. 


Course Learning Outcomes

This course enables students to analyse the macroeconomic performance of various countries using formal analytical tools. It also allows them to evaluate important macroeconomic policies and their implications.  


Unit 1

The labour market Wage determination; wages, prices and employment; natural rate of unemployment; from employment to output 


Unit 2

Aggregate demand and aggregate supply curves Derivation of aggregate demand and aggregate and supply curves; interaction of aggregate demand and supply to determine equilibrium output, price level and employment 


Unit 3

Inflation, unemployment and expectations Phillips curve; adaptive and rational expectations; policy ineffectiveness debate 


Unit 4

Microeconomic foundations Consumption: Keynesian consumption function; Fisher‘s theory of optimal intertemporal choice; lifecycle and permanent income hypotheses; rational expectations and random walk of consumption expenditure 

Investment: determinants of business fixed investment; residential investment and inventory investment 

Demand for money 



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